Fly fishing

Pliva River

apartments-apartmani-pliva-flyfishing-9 Pilva river is left tributary of Vrbas River. It springs in the base of Mountain Smiljevac, with three springs, on 483 meters above sea level, it is 33 km long and goes into Vrbas River by beautiful 22 meters high waterfall. Pliva River is one of the clearest and most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is very abundant in fish, especially brown trout and grayling.
Fishing is possible on every part of the river, and special fly fishing area is in Pljeva Village, with „catch and release“ rule.

River Janj

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Janj River is tributary of Pliva River, and it is 13 km long, spring is located on 612 meters above sea level. Canyon of River Janj is nature reserve, under protection of Republika Srpska, and its steep clifs are up to 200 meters high. South from Sipovo, on 9th kilometer, small village Janjske Otoke was built on a place where this river forms many small streams and isles, making it excellant place for picnics and meditation.
Old Roman monument, carved in the rock, has been found in Janj River valley.
Janja River is very cold and clean, rich in brown trout and grayling, and also has a special fly fishing area with „catch and release“ rule.

River Ribnik and Sana

apartments-apartmani-pliva-flyfishing-12 Ribnik River springs in small village Ribnik, located 60 km from Banja Luka. River is 5 km long and goes into River Sana. It has a slow stream and it is very shallow. Both rivers are clean and rich in brown trout and grayling, and in some areas with Danube Salmon ( hucho hucho ).
There are fly fishing areas with „catch and release“ rule.
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