Rural tourism

Household Radoja is inot rural tourism for several years now. Pljeva is mountain village dispersed on hills and pastures, among pine and oak forests. There are three springs  of  Pliva River in village, which is one of the biggest sources of drinking water in Europe. Staying with us, you will have options to try recreation, hiking, sports, hunting, fishing, mushroom, fruits  and herbs  picking as well as many other activities.


Besides that, you will enjoy some of the specialities of our couisine: perschuto, cheese, cream cheese, sarrow milk, traditional bread, donuts, pie, crapes, different kinds of meat prepared traditionaly on barbeque, stick or under open fire ( sach )..

Recepies are in our family for generations, and each generation trie to improve upon them, but oly slightly, keeping original tastes.
Our household offers you to take part in wide variety of seasonal jobs, like feeding live stock, cutting grass, garden works, fruit picking, pickeling fruits and vegetables, brandy making, milking cows and preparation derry products.

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