apartments-radoja-apartmani-sipovo-smjestaj-lodging-1 Village household Radoja ( Pansion Radoja ) exists through centuries in village Pljeva, Sipovo municipality. We are located  in imidiate vicinity of Pliva River and its three beautiful springs. We are only 7 kilometers away from Sipovo City, by village asphalt road.
We offer you three apartments with 5 beds each, with living room and bathrooms were only built several years ago, and have central heating system for colder days.
Complete tranquility, peace and quiet, rarely available in busy city centers,  is possible here. Beautiful, pristine nature is perfect for relaxation, concentration, inspiration and rest.


Besides that, for those who choose active vacations, we offer hunting, fly fishing, hiking, bike riding, walking by Pliva and Janj rivers and other rural activities.
Our yard is full of flowers, pear, apple, plum and walnut trees, witnesses of old, good times.